Can a million bloggers be wrong?

On Earthday 2008, we begin our

virtual "march of a million bloggers"

After decades of viral "green" and "greed" campaigns that ultimately do "more harm than good"

...we decided it was time to join the collective*.

  • If you could stop hundreds of children from dying every day?

  • If you could stop the destruction of our ecosystem?
  • If you could "save the world in 60 days"?   Would you?

What if it didn't cost you or anyone a nickel?  Then Joins use and make it a reality.

Are you a blogger who wants to "save the earth in 60 days?"    - Learn how we will do it.

Why bloggers? It's all a numbers game...

There are over 300 million Americans with over 100 million blogs. These people are already defined as a collective* with similar technical parts that affect a whole. I believe where others have failed for decades, we can succeed as this "collective" of the minds.

  What went wrong?  Facts about unsustainable popular media, social, viral and political campaigns..

Decades and Trillion'$

America has spent trillions on government grants, regulations and enforcement since the first Earthday in 1970 to protect the environment and prevent climate change...

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Education and public attention

Since the 90's there has been billions spent on films, commercials, public education, political and media campaigns to promote global warming...

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Where are the hippies now?

In the 60's baby boomers went "green" to win the war on pollution, coal,  foreign oil... lost interest, bought SUV's to drive out to the 4,000 sq ft homes in the burbs...

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*collective: people who are motivated by at least one common issue or interest,

or work together on a specific project(s) to achieve a common objective.