Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change "A Green New Deal"?

Ilargi: Dear Barack (May a deity of your preference guide your decisions),
After seeing you flash by inescapably in the media every single day for what feels like the past 800 years, I am inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt, despite my deep and profound mistrust of the American corporate political theatre.
That said, I haven’t so far for a moment had the idea that you have a full and firm grasp of what happens in the nation's economy. Mind you, it's obviously possible that you are hiding what you truly know, since you can't get elected on what is perceived by voters as an overly pessimistic message.
But, if you'll excuse me, for now I’ll go with my instinctive notion that you don’t really understand the state of the US financial system. By that I mean that you seem to have the idea that it is possible to revive the economy if only you adopt a set of tax measures, throw in a bag-full of mortgage relief for those worst hit, and create jobs in fields that people label 'sustainable' and/or 'the foundation of tomorrow’s economy'.
The thing is, Y O’Bama, that these notions miss that elusive target named 'reality' by a mile and a half.
New GREED Deal...
Your task will be far more formidable than I think you realize. It's not Franklin D. Roosevelt that you should look at for an example, it's not about turning the economy around, this is not the 1930‘s. The problems you will soon face are much worse than the ones he dealt with.
If you're looking to find a presidential role model for what you are about to face, you need to go back much further in history. You have to look at Abraham Lincoln for guidance. Your most daunting task is not turning the economy around. You will be remembered in history as the man who either did or did not save the Republic.
...The survival of the republic is in your hands, Y O'Bama. I urge you to look back at what went through Lincoln's head when he was confronted with the threat of its demise, and what he decided to do to prevent it. No use being afraid of the reactions, it will be an awfully hard ride no matter what you choose.
Might as well have the courage to do what must be done.
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Nice post... had to link to this.
Not understanding the 'eco-nomical vs the economical' difference will be the final bullet to the head of our nation.
As we sink into the greatest economic depression of our generation we will inadvertently cut our nations emissions lower than all kyoto and U.N. proposals to U.S. emissions. All within the next decade (not 2030).
What we need is someone to present this inarguable fact to the people who are making Obamas decisions for him.
If we do not. We will tax the very air plants breath (CO2) and the substance human life is comprised of (carbon).
NONE of this has to do with carbon or CO2 or global warming... 
'IF' it did the following facts could be implemented world wide to end it.
Inarguable facts:
Our nation can run several times over on free and nearly limitless geothermal energy:,0,7002141.story
Adding 45 more nuclear facilities would do NOTHING to help.
Solar and wind power have not proven to ROI any nation since the carter era and can not power our nations war machine that is the third largest user of fossil fuels in the world.
It is about taxing everyone for everything to give the few unlimited power and sustainable control.
Really, sit down and listen to the facts in the message. Then base 'change' on reality.
Reality based diplomacy... now that would be 'change'.