Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Delayed - 'a Google project that could save the world'.

Google - "It's time for Plan G"
Last year Google made me very excited about being involved in various energy projects that genuinely looked like 'good stuff'.

Realistic, viable and financially feasible plans began sprouting out of Google like their search engine results.

Then they used a genius idea to make their good ideas awesome by adding yours in a global collaboration. Thus began the 10^ 100^ project.

That's where I got on board, after a decade of planning my national energy and environmental programs I know I have one of the only concepts that has the focus on saving people and the planet without sacrificing our level of quality living or stifle advancements in technology.

So Google, where's the feedback?
  • My program met every criteria outlined
  • I want none of the money personally,
  • and it unequivocally solves our foreign oil interests, coal, nuclear, renewable, housing, energy grid, health, air and water problems...
You only gave me a 30 second clip and 1 page of info to 'sell this', as your project would not accept the full 600 page technical document.

Seriously, no one has a better plan, is the 10^ 100^ project real or a tragic hoax. The announcement dates keep moving and there was no confirmation of my submission.

I personally felt this program would be best in the hands of brilliance and not bureaucracy but, our nation desperately needs this now, please respond if you are serious or I will hand over the plan to the new Administration.


Environmental, Health and Safety Director

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